Abaleftonline : China 5G Frequencies isn’t the cause of covid-19 also Bill Gate Microchip is not 666


Quit Rumours: China 5G Frequencies Isn’t The Cause Of Covid-19 Pandemic, And Bill Gate’s Microchip Is Not 666

Stop spreading rumors that the newly launched China 5G frequencies is the cause of the Coro pandemic. They are two different stuff. 5G is an upgrade of 4G you are currently using. 

Bill Gate microchip is not 666. Don’t allow Pastors and GO without knowledge of IT put fear in you and prey you into being a religious slave.  Christ made each of your Pastors and Priest. No GO is better than you.

Is there no household who is not using Bill Gate’s Microsoft Windows and Software? Is it now that Bill Gate want to be killing humans by planting Chips under Your skin?

Has rapture taken place to have ushered in 666? Is it Bill Gate that will tell u that giving birth to 2 to 3 kids is best in the current economic situation, don’t u feel the financial stress already? Abaleftonline

Let’s be at peace. You can tell me 5G signal rays is dangerous because of the intense microwaves and heating. But it has nothing to do with Corona virus

Teach others and stop the spread of ignorance. The world is not ending yet. Stop suspecting Chinese.

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