Celebrities Who Moved From Grace To Grass

Celebrities Who Moved From Grace To Grass

Tables turn, bridges burn and celebrities go broke.

While the celebrity life is characterized by expensive trips and shopping, partying and exotic cars,

it is also beleaguered with challenges like how to maintain fame without going broke.

Some of the things that lead to these celebrities going broke after amassing so much wealth.

Inlude bad investments and poor money management.

Many Nigerian top celebrities have gone from grace to grass because of bad investments and riotous living.

Here are 5 of them Celebrities Who Moved From Grace To Grass

1.  Celestine Babayaro

Celestine Babayaro was a beast at left-back for Chelsea and the Nigerian National team.

He was a joy to watch and ladies fought because of him in London because he had the money to splurge.

However, the Former Chelsea and Newcastle full-back’s outlook has raised serious concerns and his friends are asking if he has gone broke but he denied being broke.

In spite of earning £25,000 during the peak of his career, 

he was declared as bankrupt at a court in Croydon in 2010 after being charged by his creditors with an official confirmation eventually coming on 2011.

BBC reported his bankruptcy with this statement,

“Celestine Babayaro’s financial troubles became apparent to his neighbours,

Wiith one saying that his usually beautifully kept house,

began to look a bit unkempt, with the garden overgrowing and the conservatory falling down”.

But Celestine Babayaro is still saying he is not broke, maybe he is broken on the inside.

2. Wilson Oruma

Wilson Oruma is a victim of a toxic society.

The footballer who played at the top in the French League went from grace to grass and suffered a mental breakdown.

Oruma who was among the young eaglets that won the Under 17 FIFA World Cup of 1993 alongside Kanu Nwankwo was a midfield maestro during his prime.

What happened? The Midfielder invested in a pseudo oil and gas business without proper consultation because he was doing the business with a clergyman (pastorpreneur).

He was duped of 2 billion naira and he went broke and lost his mind.

Although, many argued that the midfielder is a poor manager when it comes to money.

Wilson Oruma played for the Super Eagles for over 17 years and also played for about six different clubs in the French league but became broke when he lost 2 billion naira to fraudsters.

In 2013, Mikel Obi lost 100 million naira to wrong investments while Kanu Nwankwo lost N1.4billion same year.

Either Wilson was poorly paid during his stint in Europe or he spent his savings on riotous living.

3. Taribo West

The story of Taribo West’s diminished fame is sad but it comes with lessons too.

The former Nigeria international made a name for himself as a tough tackler with hair you could see from the other side of the pitch.

In his prime, he played at the highest level;

AC Milan, Inter Milan,Derby County etc.

But how hast the Mighty fallen? He partied and enjoyed life and then made a bad investment in his marriage and all he acquired went down the drain.

However, in 2014, he became a Christian pastor and founded his own ministry:

Shelter in The Storm Miracle Ministries of All Nations.

There is even a claim, albeit an unsubstantiated one with no direct sources,

That whilst playing in Italy, he hosted a Bible class in his house and saw his Yugoslavian lover turn into a snake.

It was at that moment, the story goes, that he decided to give his life to Jesus.

Now that he has found God, he preaches on popular streets in Lagos.

He is now a soul winner and his name has been changed from Taribo West to Pastor West.

4. Seun Egbegbe

On November 2016, Nollywood’s filmmaker Seun was caught stealing 9 iPhones in Computer village Lagos.

It could either be that he was broke or it was his village people that pushed him into the theft.

But the Nollywood filmmaker confessed that he steals for a living and uses filmmaking as a cover-up.

Aside from the iPhone theft, Seun was arrested for defrauding some Bureau de change operators of over 40 million naira between 2016 and 2017. 

Afer the humiliation, he suffered and series of court cases that followed up, he started selling most of his exotic cars. Seun is no longer the Seun you used to know.

5.  Soul E

“Soul E Baba dey here”

That was his intro to every song when Soul E has a soul in entertainment and fame.

In fact, his celebrity status was like a flash on the pan; it only lasted but for a while.

He left Colossal Entertainment Nig Ltd, to start his own record label,

Soul E International Records but he never went international as his career took a nosedive.

He must have read somewhere that the older the berry the sweeter the juice so he married an older woman.

Queen Ure, who many believed to have contributed to his bankruptcy.

Just like Job in the Bible, his affliction made him remember God and he has this to say

“ In the life of everyman, there must be some ups and downs, it’s just a normal thing that happens and I must tell you that I have learnt from them and all I can ask from God is that everything falls in place this time around.

Most of the things I did before, I don’t do them anymore.

One of the things I learnt in my trying period is to be focused on the Lord and no matter how deep down one goes, God is mighty and able to lift him back to the greatest heights.” Ride on Pastor

Celebrities Who Moved From Grace To Grass

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