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Holy Bible remains intact as fire razes cars in Onitsha, Anambra state [video]

This is the real word of God!!” A person confessed after a Holy Bible was spared in a fire incident that occurred in Onitsha, Anambra. unnamed file 1162

In a video displaying the scenes of the inferno, the person who discovered the Holy Bible inside a very razed car; lifted it up and opened it whereas spectators stared wide-eyed in disbelief.

@Oluwanishola, a Facebook consumer reacted to the video saying, “God need not to prove anything to anyone. But when He wants to take all the Glory, He does things beyond human comprehension. He is God all by Himself,, there is no place for argument.”

@Ebere Hills mentioned, “The phrase of God remains to be alive and lively. God is at all times proving to us that He exists in some ways… Just that as people, we really feel we all know an excessive amount of. Some might begin saying fire no attain the place Bible dey. There’s God, He’s the God of wonders and He does what He needs with out looking for permission or approval.

“I as soon as doubted God, after I misplaced my husband. In reality, I nearly renounced Christ. He ship a message to a brother to me. God remains to be saying one thing. Just consider in His existence….Once you begin believing…

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“He will start turning everything around for your good. You may not see the result now, but surely you will eventually. He is a God that never fails.”

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