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“How Buhari’s negative energy has poisoned Nigeria’s atmosphere” – Reno Omokri writes

Popular political activist, Reno Omokri has once more taken one other swipe at President Muhammadu Buhari in a prolonged, contemporary Instagram submit.
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He wrote;

‘How Buhari’s Negative Energy Has Poisoned Nigeria’s Atmosphere

I after that did a video the place I defined that General Buhari was the reason for that defeat. I stated people have a spirit, energy, vibration, or aura. It is both negative or constructive. My view was and is that General Buhari has a really negative presence, that forebodes evil and take a look at all the pieces that he touches turns to mud, in a reverse of the Midas Touch.

I’ll now give my causes.

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In the 12 months 2003, General Buhari ran for President with Senator Chuba Okadigbo as his operating mate. Five months later, on September 25, 2003, Chuba Okadigbo died.

In 2007, he ran once more with Chief Godwin Ume-Ezeoke. Four years later, Chief Ume-Ezeoke was useless.

In 2011, he ran with Pastor Tunde Bakare. This time round, Bakare didn’t die. But his political and presumably ministerial profession died. Never thoughts his delusions that “President Muhammad Buhari is No 15, and yours sincerely, I’m No 16”, Bakare is now political baggage. And now, he’s embroiled in a multi-billion Naira mortgage scandal with WEMA Bank.

You would possibly level to Pastor Yemi Osinbajo as an exemption to the rule. If you do assume so, then you haven’t considered the political battle between Osinbajo and Tinubu, which appears to be like set to cancel out each.

Buhari turned the quickest rising economic system on the planet in 2015, to the world capital for excessive poverty in the present day.

He met a complete debt of ?12 trillion. Today, Nigeria owes ?40 trillion, with Buhari promising to borrow $12 billion extra,

He met the Naira at ?199 to 1 $1. Today, it exchanges for ?575 to $1.

He met Nigeria together with her greatest Corruption Perception Index rating in 2015, after we have been at 136. Just final week, Transparency International revealed that Nigeria had slipped to her worst ever CPI, rating 154 out of 180 international locations.

Buhari met Nigeria the 4th most insecure nation on the planet in 2015, in the present day, we’re the third most insecure nation.

Who has Buhari known as and so they gained a recreation or a match or a bout? I’m difficult Buharists to reply to this query.

There is not any impartial affiliation. Any affiliation that’s not useful to you is routinely dangerous.”

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