The Man Behind ” I Have The Video Trend “

This is a new trend on social media experiment, it has made many people to wonder the video people are talking about.

Most has fallen on this New Trend as per say.
In January it was; Mad oh!
It’s February and it’s; I have the video!
I have the full video!

On social media, especially facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people go to every comment box writing the trend;

“I have the full video”

To some it’s just a way of having fun.

To the others it’s weird as they don’t understand the meaning of this comments.

Thinking aloud, its very funny and as well annoying.

It tells a lot about people’s thinking process.
Many are easily swayed and do not have a thinking out loud when this kind of issue gets on..

Many are left behind the bar thinking what this trend means.

Its all about the Nigerian crying meme face. One sticker that seems to have come handy for a lot of people is the meme of a young boy crying.

The sticker has gone so viral that the person behind it has finally spoken up and explained what led to his tears on that day.

The young man who is a student of Unilorin identified as ‘Oladee’ said, He cried on that day because He used his Grandmother’s money to play a betting game which he eventually lost.

Oladee said, He cried so hard on that day with hopes that the person He lost the money to will pity Him and return the money.

He went further to feel dissatisfied on how the video leaked, up to the extent that unknown people used his picture for different body Photoshops, all in the name of fun.

After the video He made on His Instagram account; Oladee.
His friends started replying him;
I have the video.
I have the full video.
I have watched the full video.
This just how this Trend came about to be all over the social media experiment.

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