Lady Scalded with hot water while trying to separate a fight in PortHarcourt

According to the Victim, Chizzy Winky that shared her story on Facebook, she wrote;

“My neighbor poured me hot water Bcz I want to sperate fight b/w she and my little brother …

According to her she said my little brother drop dirty infront of her shop and she ask him to pick it up …but the little boy did not and she started beating him..and my mum saw her beating her son and tell her to stop…

But she insisted then my mum flagged her with Stick ..and she hold my mum’s cloth…when I get there and question her y is she holding my mum’s cloth .. she narrated the story asking me if is good.

I said no ..but she don’t have any right to beat the small boy ..she could have reported it to my mum.. before I knew it she went and brought hot water and pure me..

And my mum reported her to Elimgbu police …and the IPO gave me doctor report And arrested the woman, when me and my Mum return from hospital… police still seeing my condition..they arrested my mum and said its till fighting.

Everything my mum spend was 10.500 and the police people said that my neighbor will pay half of the money y my mum will pay the remaining one.

When I return to police station the following day the DPO saw me and shouted that my condition is much and told my mum to take me for proper treatment that my neighbor will pay for it.

Since then she did not show sign of pity but her husband did.

She said she’s ready to go jail for it and started mucking me that the one she did to me is small that next time she will pure it on my face.

I started thinking about this have i in any way angered this woman y will she have mind and pure me hot water.

I took revenge,pure her hot water all over her body as she did to me.

So the DPO got angry wit me and transferred the case to Area command at Oyigob.

Finally they concluded that y did i go back to pure her hot water and I should go and write statement after the statement,they said we should return on Thursday being 11th of June.

They might take us to court… I don’t know the next thing.

Wat I no she pured me hot water and I pured her back Bcz it was this same woman who poured hot soup on one old woman’s face…”


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