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Lady seeks advice as her soon-to-be mother-in-law urges her to leave her fiancé and marry her other son

A Nigerian girl (title undisclosed) is in want of an advice after her soon-to-be mother-in-law known as to advice her on who to marry between her two sons.unnamed file 369

According to her, after her first go to to her, the girl known as her to inform her that she gained’t remorse it if she leaves her fiance for her first son.

She wrote: “My man took me to see his household for the first time day b4 yesterday, every part went fairly properly in the course of the go to…then I acquired his Mom’s name within the following night, and she was asking/urging me to break up with her son (whom is her second son) and marry her other son (whom is her first son).

“In her words “my daughter u won’t regret leaving Sadeeq for Muhammad, infact u will live to thank me for this help I’m giving u now. Goodbye.”

Lots of advices have adopted her story, with many opinions calling on her to leave the household for good.

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@Celestina Moleni: “Please leave the family…Even if you marry the second son… Having settled down with him,you might start hearing things like”all of the sons and their dad have to be having intercourse with you” Your psychological well being is essential my sis. Beware.”

@Britty Juliet: “Stand your ground for your man if you love him. Reject the mum’s offer and marry your love. She is trying ur love for her son. Don’t leave your man except if you don’t love him. They want to make sure you love your man. Don’t be surprised that your guy is aware of his mother’s.”unnamed file 371 proposal.”

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