Lessons To Learn From Davido And Chioma Saga

The disgrace,shame and pain that Chioma has brought on Davido after all this overcost hyping and love he showered on her is angry and unforgettable pain.

Still trying to know what makes some ladies to be wicked.

 How can a lady fully and unregratable disappoint a guy she knows love her? Karma hmmm? 

A guy the do claim and feel elighted and telling his friends that their relationship can’t be separated, she is the one now going behind doors and fucking some of those friends. 

Let wait a bit,imagine how foolish Davido was in the eyes of those her wife to be concubine.

 I will advice guys to be very careful the way you express your love on these girls always keep most of the expression inside your heart. 

Some of them may appear to be faithful because they are yet to meet a trusted gentleman that appears reasonable just like you but also understands underground dealings without casting

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