Man seeks advice after catching brother’s wife in bed with another man

Young man faces dilemma on whether or not or to not inform his brother after catching his wife in bed with another man.

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According to a Twitter consumer recognized as @Khan_dave7 who visited his brother’s home unannounced, walked in to satisfy his wife cheating on him.

“So I went to go to my Brother yesterday with out informing him, occurs he wasn’t in city and I didn’t know. On attending to the home the door was open so I entered… I discovered his wife having intercourse with another man in their sitting room…

“She was so shocked seeing me, she has been calling me since yesterday, I’ve not been taking her calls cus don’t know what to inform her, I’m at a degree the place I don’t know what to do…

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“Do y’all think I should tell my brother or just let it be so their family don’t fall apart, pls I need advice,” he wrote.

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