Nigeria Makes Africa Proud By Producing Covid-19 Vaccine

A team of Nigerian scientists have announce the discovery of a preventive vaccine against coronavirus.

According to the tweet that was sent by Modern Ghana, the team announced on Saturday that they have produced a valid vaccine that is able to prevent the infection of Covid-19.

According to the Research Group leader Dr Oladopo Kolawole, the vaccine that they have produced is for mainly Africans but can also work for other races. He also insisted that he has confidence that the vaccine will work and it can not be fake.

Although the name of the vaccine was revealed, Dr Oladopo said that the reason why the team focused on producing a vaccine rather than a drug is because many people need a vaccine than a drug. He then claimed that the team had previously analysed the virus’s genome across Africa to determine the best potential vaccine candidates.

He later added that it will be taking almost 18 months before releasing the vaccine for widespread use due to extensive research, analysis and clinical approval as required by medical authorities.

Source [Twitter @NetworkOfNewsGhana]


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