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Nothing wey you wan preach, we go still de pop

Shortly after Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries positioned a curse on web fraudsters, popularly generally known as yahoo boys, a bunch of younger Nigerian boys reacted in a viral video.unnamed file 3300

Gistreel had shared a video whereby the pastor placed a curse on yahoo boys while delivering a sermon.

Pastor Ibiyeomie had stated:unnamed file 3302

“Let me inform all this Yahoo boys, cease. You can’t be defrauding individuals on a regular basis. When you Yahoo any person, it’s stealing. Coat it anyhow, it’s stealing. Most individuals, all their retirement advantages, you take it without delay. I curse you within the title of Jesus. Stop!! If you are on this church. 

“It’s is a demonic, satanic way of getting money. You scam people to buy a car, you will have an accident with that car. Policemen, If you take bribe from Yahoo boys, that money will kill you. Arrest them, jail them when you find them.”

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Reacting to this, the younger boys within the viral video under claimed that there’s nothing the pastor will preach that may cease them from popping and scamming.

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