remember the sick boy called a witch in akwa ibom

Remember The Sick Boy Called A Witch In Akwa Ibom, See His Recent Pictures After 4 Years

Remember The Sick Boy Called A Witch In Akwa Ibom l? See His Adorable Photos After 4 Years

January 30th 2016, a picture of a little boy called a witch because he was sick and suffered from hunger in Akwa Ibom surfaced online showing his critical unhealthy condition.

Few days after the picture went viral, a Danish aid worker “Anja Riggren” came for the rescue of the little boy and took him to her medical health care centre so he can be taken care of.

January 30th 2020 making it four years, the Danish aid worker posted his pictures looking totally healthy and handsome.

Indeed there’s never a bad condition that can be permanent, this little boy is a good example of why we should treat everyone equal and nice because we are all human.

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This is when he was dumped by his biological parent and picked by danish aid worker

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