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“Single mums are more responsible than most married women” – Angel Smith’s mum declares

Angel Smith’s mom, Titilala, a socialite and model influencer, has acknowledged that single moms are more responsible than loads of girls who are married.
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In a message uploaded on her Instagram tales, the only mom of 1 demanded that the shaming of single moms in Africa, notably in Nigeria, finish.

Being a single mom, she claims, is troublesome, which is why most of them are more responsible no matter they do.

In her phrases:

“The name calling of single mother’s in Africa needs to stop especially in Nigeria. Single mothers are even more responsible than most married women because the things some of y ‘all do behind close doors dey shoke me… If you think its easy being a single mum, please try and play the role of mummy and daddy for one year without the help of a man”.

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