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Why does uneducated ladies get married before the educated ones

Young man puzzled by his uncle’s selection of a spouse questions the purpose behind uneducated ladies getting extra marriage probabilities than the educated ones.

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According to the narration of the younger man in query, his educated uncle went out his option to marry a girl much less educated than himself.

Despite the household’s grumble at first, the marriage turned out extra improbable than ever imagined which left the curious brother questioning the purpose for larger marriage probabilities for uneducated ladies than their counterparts.

“My uncle, who’s properly discovered and financially bouyant acquired married to a woman who barely completed secondary college. At first, our members of the family felt indignited towards this, however after they noticed he was insistence on getting married to her, they allow them to be. They’ve been married for ten years now and we do go to them.. One factor I observe about them is; they’re glad and likewise play like babies.

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Aside this, I’ve seen many well-educated males who determined to take much less educated or non educated ladies as spouse and has at all times yielded a cheerful Union. I do say this; is there one thing about discovered males going for much less educated ladies.
As for me, I can marry an illiterate. You have to be educated as I’m..,” he wrote.

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