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Why Would Someone Sell Their Breast Milk? Why Would Someone Buy It?



Interested in buying breast milk

The main reason why a mom would want to buy breast milk from other women is that they, as a mother, simply cannot breast feed their infants with their own breast milk.

There may be a number of reasons why this is the case for the mothers interested in buying breast milk from other moms.

Here’s a look at different concerns that may affect the need for breast milk.

Health Concerns

Interested in buying breast milk

They may have difficulties producing milk, which may lead to them not having enough to feed their babies properly.

They may have issues creating milk.

These issues can be a hormonal or endocrine problems that keep them from properly producing milk.

They could also have insufficient glandular tissue to develop milk.

It may be a matter of health concerns affecting their breast milk supply.

The chances of changing their infant’s health may be too high for them to safely breastfeed.

It could be that the mother may have dealt with breast cancer.

They may have undergone a mastectomy or breast augmentation.

The reasons why a mother may have the need to buy breast milk for their infant in terms of health concerns can be many.

Many of these issues can arise during any part of the breast feeding period.

Because of this, being able to provide breast milk to a baby may be a prominent concern.

It is estimated that about 2% of women are incapable of producing enough breast milk on their own to properly feed their infant.

In terms of other women who may be able to produce, there may be a slew of other issues that can overwhelm their breastfeeding schedule or their ability to breast feed.

It’s also a concern for adoptive mothers.

They may have brought a newborn home or have recently adopted a baby that still requires to be breast fed.

The Breast Feeding Process

The process of breast feeding can also be a reason why a mother would be interested in buying breast milk.

When a mother breast feeds, she can find that the process can be painful.

The discomfort of having to breast feed multiple times a day can be overwhelming.

A newborn infant breast feeds from 8 to 12 times a day.

The imposing tenderness and pain that can result from this process multiple times a day may be upsetting.

This may lead mothers to buy breast milk.

Breast feeding can also be time consuming.

This may not be manageable with a busy schedule that requires a mother to stop everything and nurse their baby.

Breast feeding can also be stressful.

This can lead to a development of anxiety.

This is especially true if there are latching issues with an infant who simply does not seem to be interested.

In fact, there are different problems that a mother may face where their infant is unable to be breast fed.

These concerns can include physical issues such as a disability.

They infant could have mouth deformities.

There may be health concerns like colic that cause the infant to cry for extended periods of time.

Despite these and other concerns that may arise, the mother may be interested in solely feeding their infant breast milk.

The health benefits to an infant who is fed breast milk are many.

Having the means to provide their infant with the proper nutrients can lead mothers to want to buy milk.

Pumping Breast Milk

The issues with a mother developing their own milk when they’re not physically feeding their baby themselves can also be a part of why a mother may buy breast milk.

Pumping breast milk is a good way to feed an infant while diminishing a lot of the above concerns.

Even still, there may be a point where the mother’s supply runs out.

The hormonal process of developing milk can be affected by not breast feeding your baby directly.

Pumping milk only instead of breast feeding may cause this process to cease.

Having a busy work schedule can also affect how much time a mother may have to actually breast feed.

Being unable to be physically present due to work restrictions to feed a baby may lead mothers to look for alternatives for their breast milk supply.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a mother may need to purchase breast milk.

Not being able to breast feed is a problem for a lot of mothers.

They may wish to ensure that their infants nutritional needs are being met properly.

By selling breast milk, women help each other make sure that their children are properly nourished during their infancy.

For the mothers who sell breast milk, they find that they are able to bring their unneeded breast milk to a higher purpose.

This process also allows them to make extra money.

With a new addition to a family, having extra money on hand can be very helpful.

Selling breast milk means that the healthy nutrients in the surplus milk does not go to waste while helping those who need it.

Should You Sell Your Breast Milk?

Mothers who are producing breast milk in large quantities may be wondering if they should sell their breast milk to other moms.

If you are a healthy mother who produces more breast milk than your infant can consume or needs, considering selling your breast milk can make you some extra cash.

It is important to consider the reasons why selling breast milk can be beneficial.

You may want to learn what any cons may be in beginning and maintaining the process.

Here, we’ll look at reasons as to why you may be an ideal candidate for selling your breast milk to other mothers.

Provide Children with Nutritional Milk.

When it comes to feeding an infant, nothing compares to the nutrients available in human breast milk.

Choosing to only feed an infant formula or using diluted breast milk will not provide your infant with all the nutrients they need.

The high levels of nutrients that are found in breast milk can not be replicated.

That being a known factor, when it comes to hospitals and infants that are cared for in intensive care units, the need for breast milk is high.

Over the course of one year, hospitals across the country require over 63 million ounces of breast milk.

The only way hospitals can provide these infants the nutrients that they need from breast milk is by receiving it from generous mothers.

Although it may be a practice not known to many, selling breast milk can help save lives and help babies who are in need.

Earn Extra Income.

A definite benefit to mothers who sell breast milk is that this can be a source of extra income during early maternity.

Mothers who are on maternity leave may be in dire need of a steady cash flow.

Being able to sell breast milk can help.

The early months of parenthood can be stressful.

It can be time consuming.

It is definitely riddled with baby related expenses.

Being able to sell milk can translate into being able to buy diapers, nursing tools, nursery items, and much more.


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