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After seven months of marriage, wife calls out husband for refusing to include her name of his properties

Barely seven months into marriage, embattled wife calls out her husband over his refusal to include her name on properties he owns.

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According to the lady who shared her story by means of an Instagram relationship adviser sought recommendation on how to have her name included in properties owned by her husband now that they’re married.

“Hide my I’d. My husband acquired some properties before we got married and right now he isn’t ready to put them in my name.. We’ve been married since August 2021, almost 7 months now.. he has refused to change ownership or atleast include me in his properties.. I’m not wishing him bad but with the way young men are dying what if anything happens to him? His lands are In his name and he handed papers to his mom. Pls how do I handle this,” she wrote.

When requested about properties she owns which her husband may inherit, she responded, “Nothing to inherit ma. understand me as a woman, not pregnant yet but Don’t I have right to my husband’s property as his wife? What if sometimes happens to Itiim? He’s 42 and I’m 29.” 

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