Catholic Priest Blasts Apostle Suleman for Calling Pope Francis AntiChrist

Catholic Priest Blasts Apostle Suleman

Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, a refined and diplomatic Catholic priest, took to Facebook to voice his grievances about what the popular Apostle Johnson Suleman said, calling Pope Francis AntiChrist.

In the post, Fr. Kelvin said thus; “Apostle Suleman: God revealed to me that Pope Francis is Antichrist.

He is among those that created COVID-19 to destroy the world. He sacrificed Italy and he is responsible for killing thousands of people that have died so far.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu: Apostle Suleman will always be a Suleman. Like the Suleman that he is, he had to go online, copy one of those conspiracy theories that jobless people cook up in order to keep themselves busy, he then paste them into the heads of his follow follow gullible followers as God’s words since he knows his followers are foolish.

Catholic Priest Blasts Apostle Suleman

His followers online: Fr Kelvin, Apostle Suleman is an anointed man of God.

You don’t talk about him that way. His revelations are from God. You are not in the spirit, you can never understand the spirit. You think it is easy to prophecy, prophecy let us see.

Me: (looking at them with one eye.) What did I call his followers again? F.F.G.F (Follow Follow Gullible Followers)”.

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