Lady tenders public apology to boyfriend after getting blocked following viral video of him on ‘monkey filter’ (Video)

Young woman expresses remorse following a viral video of her boyfriend on a ‘monkey filter’ which attracted hurtful feedback in direction of her race.

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The video had made rounds throughout the web house some hours in the past that captured the second a person with a monkey filter on his face was handed a banana by a woman who insisted that he says ‘thank you.’

The woman within the viral video takes to social media to tender a public apology to her man following hurtful feedback that triggered her man to block her.

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“Good evening ma/sir I am the lady that made the video you posted about a guy with filtered monkey face, some people are abusing me for doing it that am giving the white peoples the right to do Same to blacks… the video is all over TikTok and YouTube, they’ve turned it into a racist thing… please help me post this video what I did was just for fun and nothing more, I have no idea that it’s going to go viral this way,” she wrote.

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Watch the video beneath …

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