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Man confesses to his best friend before his wedding; says he slept with his wife-to-be and can’t watch him marry the wrong person

A Nigerian man has stopped an nearly initiated marriage ceremony after he confessed to sleeping with his best friend’s wife-to-be in jut an encounter.unnamed file 2955

Noting the he can’t watch him marry the wrong woman, the man chatted up his best friend (now ex-best friend) and confessed that the one-night stand occurred at the time the potential couple have been having a misunderstanding through which the woman visited him for counselling.

Confession by way of a WhatsApp chat, shortly before the deliberate marriage ceremony, the man wrote:

“She got here round that 7pm or thereabout, we spoke about the challenge until about 9pm. She advised you she had left my home and went house however the fact was she spent the night time.

“I imply she was like, it was late and I didn’t thoughts her staying over. I advised her she ought to name you up as a substitute however since y’all weren’t actually in Good phrases she didn’t wanna go to your house.

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“Well I got the other room ready for her and I went to my room. Fam your babe called me right from the second room saying she was scared to sleep alone especially in an environment she wasn’t too familiar with and if she could come sleep with me.”

“Well the finish of the entire gist was we ended up having intercourse and made me promise it stayed between us.

“But fam I can’t watch you get engaged to somebody that cheated on you with one in every of your folks.

“I fuck up fam, I do know I did and I’m sorry But I feel you want to know before you are taking this huge step you about to.

“I want you to see it as I helped you dodge a bullet cos if she will do that to you who is aware of what she would possibly do later.

“I simply need what’s best for you bro. You like a brother to me. You helped me by means of troublesome occasions and I care about your future.

“I’m sorry it happened but you need to know this before you go pop the question to the wrong person.”

Read The Full Chats From The Screenshots Belowunnamed file 2957

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