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Man refuses to eat for 3 days after his girlfriend of 5 years cheated on Val’s day

A heartbroken (*5*) has taken to social media to reveal that the woman he had been in relationship with for 5 years cheated on him with one other day on valentine’s day.

The devastated man had shared his plight with a Popular instagram web page, EndsTV, saying that he hasn’t been discovering it tough to eat something for three days now.

The man had shared his story after the favored Instagram weblog had requested Netizens to share their valentine day expertise.

The despondent man had written:

“My girl of 5 years cheated on me, haven’t ate in 3 days”

The Instagram weblog had then taunted him, saying that Ramadan is imminent and that it’s an excellent factor he’s changing into accustomed to fasting.

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