Pastor Chris links 5G Network to the deadly Corona Virus (Watch Video)

Pastor Chris links 5G Network

There have been so many twist to the issue of Corona Virus globally, while some believes it emanated from a science laboratory.

While the nations works very hard to stop the death of hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

COVID19 is not the first pandemic known to mankind. But, this took the world by a surprise with the way it kills and keeps spreading from continents to another. 

The world is on a lockdown, as many countries have asked their citizens to stay indoors, in other to be able to contain the spread.

While this efforts are ongoing, a Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakilome has shared another view to the reasons the pandemic was created.

According to the revered pastor and the General Overseer of Believers love world, he was captured in a video while preaching.

The pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network, which is gradually gaining attention across the world. 

5G network has advance Artificial intelligence (AI), that can solve nearly all the human problems, which is a major breakthrough for science, technology and medicine.

Chris, opined that, to make the world recognize this new technology, the creator has to send fear into the world, and therefore be able to make everyone to embrace it.

A prominent Nigerian politician, Prince Adelaja Adeoye, shared the video on his Twitter handle @AdelajaAdeoye with the caption below.

“Well he may not be totally right, we all know from the beginning that COVID19 is a man made disease. Please watch what Chris Oyakilome has to say. 

Pastor Chris links 5G Network

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