Woe To Our Generation

Woe To Our Generation

Good Day Friends, Jesus continues to berate the Pharisees and the Scribes for their misplaced priority in the things of God. Today Jesus focused on the less weighteir matters of the law (paying Tithes in mint,dill and cumin) but forgetting the higher Rules of Life like LOVE, JUSTICE, MERCY AND FAITH. Child of God, laws made must subserve the needs of the human person, even the best and “hard” church laws are for the good and the salvation of souls.

We should rather adhere to the higher rules of life, the law of love. How do we treat one another? Whenever we obey the “lesser laws” and forget the higher law of love, Jesus says “woe to us”. Woe to our generation when we are busy tithing in the church and justice and mercy and love are forgotten and not practiced. Woe to spiritual leaders who collect these tithes without using them to help the less privileged and the needy in society but rather use them to buy private jets for self-aggrandizement. Woe to you who pay tithes and beat your chest as a sign of holy living, but cannot help your neighbour who is sick to find a treatment or send his child to school. Woe to you who pay tithes and see it as a bargaining chip between you and God, but you lack love, mercy and justice to others. That tithe will get you nowhere near God. Woe to you…

This is where we have to ask for the grace of God to purify us interiorly so that we may be filled with the grace to live the divine law of love. Our God is able if we call upon him. Good morning and do have a nice Day.

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